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Zoe Dawson is an extremely talented and accomplished author with over 40 published books to her name. While Zoe is the name she is known by with many of her fans, it is actually her pseudonym and her real name is in reality Karen Anders. During her many years as an author, she has written for many vastly different genres. These genres are as varied as her many other interests. Her career as an author began when her first book was published in 1996 and has continued on to current times as she continues to publish new books.
While she is originally from Vermont, she currently lives in the state of North Carolina. She resides there with her two grown children and her pet cat. She indulges herself in several different hobbies that would surprise many people as they are as unique as the author’s many different genres. She is an active gamer and enjoys playing World of Warcraft. Beyond her love of gaming, she also enjoys spending her free time painting. When she is not enjoying her extremely interesting pastimes, she is diligently working on her newest books in each of her different genres.
Just as she has many varied interests that exist outside of her books, she also has varied interests when it comes to writing each of her many books. Her various genres include romantic comedy, new adult contemporary, urban fantasy, romantic erotica, and syfy/fantasy. Many people would see this as Zoe not being able to settle on one particular topic and specializing in it. Zoe has a different approach to her writing and publishing in so many different genres. She considers writing for each of these different genres very exciting and a way to help keep her mind fresh for each new book that she undertakes. It is considered a privilege and something that she looks forward to doing as often as possible.
Of each of the many books and the different series that Zoe has written and published, there is one particular series that is her bestselling series and most loved series so far. This series is called Going to the Dogs. The series follows four extremely unlikely friends and their passion for each other’s friendship and their love of their various dogs. This particular series makes up about a quarter of her published books and is as captivating as the author herself has shown herself to be.
Zoe’s first book in the Going to the Dogs series is titled Leashed. While the series does emphasize the friendship of the four friends, it goes beyond that and introduces romance to one of the main characters, Callie Lassiter. What makes this book, as well the others in the series, unique is the way in which Zoe Dawson has included various dogs as a main character in each book. The dogs often act as the reason that the romantic relationship becomes a possibility. The dog that stars in this book, Jack, acts as the driving force that helps Callie enter into the romantic relationship that this book is centered around.
The next book in the Going to the Dogs series, which is titled Groomed for Murder, follows the same basic recipe with the same great results. The main character in this book is named Brooke Palmer. Her dog grooming business is what brings her into contact with the eligible attorney, Drew Hudson. The adventures between the two are amazingly well thought out and are bound to keep the reader interested for hours. The excellent writing in both books so far will likely keep the reader coming back to the books that follow in this series.
Beyond this series, there are quite a few other amazing books written by Zoe Dawson. These books belong to other well-received series and they appear just as amazing and well thought out as the books from the Going to the Dogs series. Each of the books that is published by Zoe is well received by her many fans.

Some excellent examples of her work beyond the widely popular Going to the Dogs series includes the many books in the Hope Parish Novels series. She kicks off this particular series with her own unique twist on “I know what you did last summer.” While taking a very familiar and sometimes overused theme, Zoe has attempted (and succeeded) at making it her own as well as give this common phrase new life. Each of the books that follows in this series shows just as much of her unique blend of writing new twists into books with captivating love stories. Add into that the excitement and adventure that finds its way into all of her books, there is no mistaking these books for any of the other traditional love stories.
In regards to her fans, Zoe Dawson has a very impressive presence on social media. Her personal website alone helps to keep her fans up to date on her activities and also encourages new readers of her literature to investigate everything that Zoe has to offer so far. Although her website has certainly been a great benefit to her, Zoe’s presence can be felt in other areas of the internet.
She constantly maintains many different accounts including ones on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Each of these accounts are excellent ways to keep up with the ever-growing list of books that Zoe Dawson has published (and continues to publish) as well as to monitor her many other activities that she engages in outside of writing.
Zoe Dawson is an extremely well rounded woman in virtually every aspect of her life. From the many different and equally interesting activities that she indulges in outside of her writing to the many different genres that she has published her books in, there is always something new for her fans to discover for this very talented woman. What she will do with herself in the future remains to be seen but will likely bring hours of enjoyment and reading pleasure to her already diverse fan base.

With her many riveting novels, this great artist has ensured that her readers do not ever miss something to entertain as well as inform them.

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