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Zoe Hana Mikuta is an upcoming American writer of young adult, gay, queer, LGBT, adult fiction, science fiction, dystopia, fantasy, and romance stories. She is well known for writing the Gearbreakers series. The first book of this popular series has achieved worldwide success and has also been chosen for a movie adaptation.

Author Mikuta is of Korean-American origin and has studied at Washington University. She has earned her bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a specialization in creative writing and a minor in Religion History.

Mikuta currently resides in Seattle and has spent her earlier years growing up in Boulder, Colorado. During her stay in Boulder, she developed an interest in Muay Thai kickboxing. At around the same time, Mikuta also started nurturing her love for fiction.

As a writer, she loves creating deteriorating worlds with characters having bad tempers, big hearts, and skewed morals. Author Mikuta made her debut in June 2021 with the support of Macmillan Publishers. Even before her first book was released, Mikuta had already started working on its sequel. She had so much confidence in her writing abilities that it did not take her much time to find a publisher.

Whenever Mikuta feels the need to unwind herself, she takes to embroidering and loves to alter her jeans with naughty embroidery designs. In her spare time, she also indulges in feeding crows near her college campus.

Mikuta sometimes jokes about this habit by saying that if the crows started giving her a quarter every time she feeds them, then her laundry bills would be taken care of. During her senior year at school, Mikuta used to spend her lunchtime writing stories that came to her mind.

As she didn’t share the same lunch timing as her friends, she would sit in the library in peace and have her meal along with working on her stories. Often, Mikuta would sit near the window on an uncomfortable chair and write.

The view of the Rocky Mountains would seem so dramatic to her that it would give her a sense of a perfect backdrop to create a new world. The whole atmosphere gave her the vibes of a writer. As Mikuta moved on to join the University of Washington, she felt those school lunches were quite helpful for her.

This feeling worked its magic when she was able to sign a 2-bool deal with Macmillan even before starting college. She even signed the film rights of the first novel with the same publisher. In the first of those two books, Mikuta has depicted a futuristic society where 2 teen girls fight on opposite sides and end up falling in love.

When Mikuta received the first box containing the printed copies of her debut book, she could not hold her tears. It made her so overwhelmed with joy and tears of happiness that her friends had to come and console her.

The first time that Mikuta started writing on a series note was when she had just turned 17. Her English professor at the university, Shawn Wong, mentored her and spoke highly of her writing talents.

It was his motivating words that gave her the confidence to move ahead with the creation of her story without any fears. While growing up, Mikuta had a keen interest in reading and it would annoy her very often to not find characters resembling herself, that is, biracial, queer, and half-Korean & half-white. This was one of the reasons she took to writing a story in which the characters resembled her.

Before writing Gearbreakers, the author had penned a zombie apocalypse book in her high school days. But, she did not have the confidence to edit and publish it. Today, Mikuta feels that writing comes quite easily to her and credits her interest in reading for honing her writing skills.

Author Mikuta claims that books have always made her feel comfortable around them. She carried this feeling to her writing prospects as well. The movie Pacific Rim served as an inspiration for Mikuta to write Gearbreakers.

After watching that movie, she felt the need to write a story with having similar drama, setup, theme, and plot. Mikuta feels lucky and blessed to have found the path of writing. She is grateful for all those who have supported and loved her debut work. She is hopeful of achieving a lot more success in the coming time.

Author Mikuta is also grateful for the kind words and praise from critics all over the world. Their reviews and comments propelled her towards success and allowed her to get noticed by the popular names of the publishing world.

The debut book written by author Zoe Hana Mikuta is entitled ‘Gearbreakers’. It was released by the Feiwel Friends publication in June 2021. This young adult/science fiction novel is set in a fantasy world and revolves around the lives of two girls fighting in a war as enemies.

When they learn that their fight is for the same purpose, they give up the fight and fall in love. Mikuta has mentioned the central characters in this book as Eris Shindanai and Sona Steelcrest.

Initially, it is depicted that the world of Sona and Eris, called Badlands, is overshadowed by the tyrannical rule of Godolia. The tyranny and injustice are spreading at a fast rate and Godolia’s rule is aided by the giant mechanized weapons owned by them called Windups.

Badlands’ people face oppression and war on a daily basis. The cruel overlords of Godolia force them to live under fear. Eris Shindanai is introduced as a Gearbreaker. He is shown as a young rebel specializing in destroying Windups by doing alterations in the machines from the inside.

During one such mission, she ends up falling into the trap of the Godolia overlords and is imprisoned. It is in prison that Eris comes across Sona for the first time. Sona tells her that she is a Windup pilot with cybernetical enhancement.

As soon as Eris learns about Sona’s identity as a Windup pilot, she begins to see her as a mortal enemy. However, Eris doesn’t know that Sona harbors a secret. She seems to have infiltrated the Godolia camp intentionally to destroy them from within. Later, the two share their real intentions and realize that they are on the same side of the war.

As they gear up to carry out the deadliest mission of their life, that is, directly attaching Godolia to end their reign completely, the girls grow closer as friends, comrades, and perhaps as lovers.

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