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Zoe Jane Fox
Author Zoe Jane Fox enjoys writing and reading safe and sexy/steamy stories and books. When she is not busy reading something she loves just kicking back and watching various shows that some people consider nerdy however she simply would not have it any other way.

Zoe’s debut novella, which was called “Saving Penelope”, was released in the year 2019, and it was published by Flirty Filth Publishing. Her work is from the contemporary fantasy fiction genre with elements of paranormal as they are bear shifter stories. She is also best known for writing “Saving Penelope”.

“Saving Penelope” is the first novella in “The Knights” series and was released in the year 2019. This story starts Penelope and Monroe. What happens when everything going wrong comes out right in the end? Penelope is down on her luck and works as much as she can, knowing full well that she is tremendously close to getting evicted. Since she has already worked a double shift that day, her boss has made her go back home.

She starts feeling eyes on her and accidentally gate crashes a wedding, as she tries to vanish and runs right into her future. Penelope feels an unexplainable connection right off the bat with this strange man and knows immediately that he is going to protect her. All is not like it appears, however. How is she going to react when she finds out the truth? Is she going to stay with Monroe?

Monroe has been waiting for his mate his whole entire life, however the last thing that he expected was for her to come crashing right into his life during his friend’s wedding. The very moment he meets her he knows that he needs to keep her safe. He feels her fear and it guts him. Monroe is also feeling himself becoming immediately taken with this woman.

Monroe is willing to do whatever he has to in order to protect her from the danger that is following her around. How is he going to react when he comes back home and finds that she is gone? He’s going to find who took her and make them pay. This is what happens when a love so incredibly strong comes out of nowhere that it may just save your life. It is a steamy and safe novella, guaranteed.

Readers found this to be a great story that is incredibly cute, all kinds of fun, and also well written. This book is packed with a bit of everything: a touch of mystery/suspense, romance, some bear shifting, and one or two vampires thrown in. Fans liked the twist to the typical shifter theme of adding these other shifter types/ paranormal elements. Readers liked the mated/destined connection that Penelope and Monroe have and how this connection turns Monroe into a much more alpha possessive guy when it comes to her.

The book set up the whole series well by introducing the reader to a fantastic cast of well drawn characters, and readers cannot wait to see where it goes from here. Fans like how the story has a happily ever after and is just an incredible debut from a promising author. Readers cannot wait to read more about each of the brothers, and they hope that Bastian is eventually going to get a happily ever after of his own.

“Winning Mabel” is the second novella in “The Knights” series and was released in the year 2019. This story stars Mabel and Damon. Mabel has been trying to just get through each and every day as it comes. She works two jobs: one is at a photography studio and the other is at a diner in order to pay her mom’s medical bills after she was in an accident and support her younger sister. The dream job that she wants to be doing more than anything else in the entire world is just going to have to wait for right now.

She cannot even remember the last time that she was able to just have some fun she never expected she would meet anybody like Damon, however he charges into her life and he changes everything she believed she knew. He seems to have an answer to each and every single one of her problems. Not everything is like it appears and Damon is keeping a secret that might just change her whole life.

Damon is recovering from getting knocked unconscious and failing in the promise that he made to watch over his brother’s mate. And the last thing he was expecting was to get one of his very own. However once he lays eyes on Mabel he knows that she is the one that he has been waiting a long time for. Attempting to drum up enough courage to talk to her he becomes taken aback that sees her with a young little girl, mistakenly thinking that she is her daughter.

However he knows that she’s one person on the planet that was meant to be his. Could he convince this lady to go out on a date with him and how is she going to react when she learns about his secret? Or is he going to be in for the fight of his life to win her over?

Fans of the story loved both of the lead characters and it was nice to catch up with Monroe and Penelope to see how they have been getting along. These books are well written and are sweet and cute, yet also rather steamy. Fans like how these characters are both virgins and instantly fall in love with each other. This story fulfills some readers love of virgin bear shifter tales and they cannot recommend people read these stories enough.

Readers like Zoe Jane Fox’s work and hope to read more of her work in the future and hope to check out her story about Rhys and Jace. There is very little angst, no cheating at all, and quite safe, once again; it also carries over the dual perspective, dual virgins, and instant love from the first story.

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