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Publication Order of Zoe Prime Books

Face of Death (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Face of Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Face of Fear (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Face of Madness (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Face of Fury (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Face of Darkness (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Zoe Prime” series is a set of bestselling mystery fiction novels by Blake Pierce, who is one of the best-known authors in the thriller and mystery genre.

Over the years, Blake Pierce has churned out hundreds of novels and has become one of the most prolific authors.
She made her start writing fiction when she published Once Gone. This would become the first of the very popular Riley Page mystery series. It was this series that made Blake a well-known author even though she would, later on, branch into other genres.

While she started nearly a decade ago, she has not slowed down and produces about thirty works every year.

Just like many of her contemporaries, Blake Pierce was a huge lover of mystery and thriller fiction during her young adult and childhood years.

Right from when she was still a young kid, she was penning her own novels and this passion has not let up to this day.

Ever since she published “Once Gone” in 2015, she has garnered a reputation for penning some intriguing thriller and mystery fiction that has made her one of the most popular authors in the space.

Some of Blake’s most popular works over the years have been the “Riley Paige” and “Zoe Prime” Mystery series.
As a self-published author, Blake has always astounded fans and readers with her ability to churn out so many great novels as compared to her traditionally published contemporaries.

While Blake has published more than 200 works and achieved a lot of success, she remains an enigma. For the most part, there is hardly any information about the author online.

To try to understand the enigma that is Blake Pierce, some fans have come up with theories speculating about her identity.

Some people have argued that Pierce may just be the writing name of several bestselling authors who come together to write under a pseudonym.

Other people have postulated outlandish ideas including one that says Blake could be a pseudonym used by George RR Martin.

Despite all the theories, the identity of this popular author continues to elude her fans, readers, and fellow authors alike.

The “Zoe Prime” series by Blake Pierce introduces Zoe Prime, a profiler and special agent with the FBI. But Zoe is also suffering from a rare mental condition that has granted her a unique gift and talent.

She usually views her world through a lens of patterns and numbers. The condition which had been diagnosed when she had still been a kid, had caused her to be verbally abused and alienated by her over-righteous mother.
Her mother used to call it the devil’s gift and would always taunt her. Still, this rare gift makes it possible for Zoe to see patterns that most FBI agents can not see.

She uses her gift to resolve many cases as she is able to track down dangerous criminals as she is able to think like them. She can examine, identify and see the mathematical and scientific patterns that killers usually follow.

Nonetheless, Zoe is ashamed and keeps her condition secret from colleagues and other people. As such, she cannot have any real relationships which means she is frequently being assigned new partners.

“Face of Death” is the first novel of the “Zoe Prime” series that continues to follow the FBI Special Agent Zoe Prime.

Since she suffers from a very weird form of synaesthesia, she can see crime scenes in the form of patterns and numbers that float across her eye. From there, she interprets the evidence and clues to resolve cases in a way no one else can.

Her unique way of looking at the world means that she had a very trying and hard childhood. Growing up, she was unable to form normal relationships and friendships with other children.

This has spilled over into adulthood where she just cannot keep partners who cannot take her lack of emotion and blank looks.

But recently, she had been partnered with Shelley who is less experienced and younger than her, even though he has been advancing rapidly and is well-regarded in the organization.

The first case they have to work on is that of a prisoner that escaped and had gone on the run and killed several people while on the run.

Upon reaching the location where he had last been sighted, Zoe can see the exact path he had taken and where he might be headed.

The second novel of the Zoe Prime series by Blake Pierce is “Face of Murder.”

Zoe is still a special agent with the FBI who is still using her unique talents to solve crimes. But the numbers have recently been tormenting her and making relationships with people very difficult.

It does not need to be said that she has not had a conventional romantic life since she is often ashamed of the secret that she protects with her life.

However, she jumps into action when the Midwest suddenly has to deal with a serial killer that has been lying in wait in remote places and strangling women at random.

It is the first time Zoe has ever been stumped about a case. Zoe knows there has to be a pattern but she just cannot find it. It may be that the killer could be just as number obsessed as she is.

Soon enough, she is in a race against time as she needs to get into the mind of a diabolical killer. The man always seems to be one step ahead and stopping him before he claims his next victim always seems like an impossible task.

In the meantime, she has to restrain her own demons which may be just as much if not more threatening than the deranged killer.

“Face of Fear” is the third novel of the “Zoe Prime” series of novels by Blake Pierce.

In this outing, women have been turning up dead in Los Angeles and Zoe cannot find any discernible pattern except for the fact that they all tend to have a lot of tattoos.

She had been called in by the FBI when they realized that they were not going anywhere with any of the leads they found.

Since she is known for finding patterns where others cannot, she is called in to solve the case and stop the man before he can kill again.

But at the time they called her, she is battling her own demons and is functioning at the lowest levels, and had been thinking of quitting the Bureau.

Will she be able to get into the mind of the killer to find the hidden patterns?

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