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About Zoe Sugg/Zoella

The British vlogger and YouTuber Zoe Sugg is known to many by the name of Zoella, making a name for herself with her hugely influential online YouTube channel. Reaching countless viewers from around the world, she would build a worldwide following with her informative and light-hearted beauty content. She has become a familiar face for many, with her fun and engaging videos laid out in a clear and compelling manner for her viewers. Becoming her own business, she would soon be launching products of her own, becoming a hugely successful business far and wide.

Not only is she a massively successful entrepreneur and social-media personality with over 10 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, she’s also now an author as well. Writing a number of books alongside fellow author Amy McCulloch, she’s gone to become a permanent fixture upon the bookshelves of many. Grabbing the attention of many readers from all over, her stories have resonated with a huge audience worldwide, writing about a whole range of different subjects. Essentially now a brand to herself, she often writes from her own experiences, making her books highly authentic and engaging in the process.

A key aspect of her fiction is that of her characters, as they really feel alive on the page, as she really sets the scene. Largely focusing on younger readers, she also branched out into the Young Adult demographic, although her books are accessible to audiences both young and old. Easy to relate to, the books feature fun premises set in contemporary settings, typically dealing with real-life issues. As a brand and personality Zoella is here to stay, and her novels are clearly testament to that, as they will be around for some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1990 on the 28th of March, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg was raised in Lacock in Wiltshire, in the United Kingdom. Attending ‘The Corsham School and Arts College’ she would receive A-Levels in textiles, art, and photography during her time there. Not going on to University in part due to an anxiety disorder and being unsure of what to do, she would work for some time as an apprentice interior designer.

Creating her own blog titled ‘Zoella’ in 2009, she would write about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, gaining a thousand followers by the end of the year. Moving on to YouTube that same year, she would set up her own channel with much of the same content, becoming one of the biggest names around. The older sister of fellow YouTuber Joe Sugg, she is in a relationship with Alfie Deyes, another vlogger, and the two of them live in Brighton, East Sussex, with their child.

Writing Career

Beginning her writing career with her blog back in 2009, Zoe Sugg would make a name for herself under the name of Zoella. Over time her brand would grow, as she would go on to amass a worldwide audience, with viewers from all over the world. In time this would lead to her writing books of her own, as she would publish Young Adult fiction and romance novels, much of it inspired by her own life.

The first book that Zoe Sugg would write was titled ‘Girl Online,’ which came out 2014, and she would write alongside Siobhan Curham. This book would become the first in her ‘Girl Online’ series, and she would also go on to write the ‘Magpie Society’ series alongside Amy McCulloch, along with her non-fiction book ‘Cordially Invited.’ Winning awards for her work, including the ‘Cosmopolitan Blog Award,’ the ‘Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award,’ and a ‘Radio One Teen Award,’ she’s gained plenty of critical acclaim and plaudits, as she continues to work and write to this day.

Going Solo

Originally published by ‘Penguin Books Ltd.,’ this novel would would come out on the 17th of November back in 2016. Marking the third and final part of the ‘Girl Online’ series of Young Adult novels, it would complete the entire series of books. The books themselves should be read in order so as to gain the most out of them all, as there’s an ongoing narrative between them.

Starting a new school year, Penny is ready to face the world, while meanwhile Noah has completely disappeared following the end of the world tour. That’s when Megan invites Penny to visit her performing arts school, giving her the perfect opportunity to make some new friends. Meeting a new group of friends, she also meets Callum who she can see chemistry building with, but can Penny ever hope to move on from Noah? Will she be able to look to the future, how will she fare in this new school, and what will become of her as she finds herself going solo?

It’s a fun story wrapping up the series and bringing it to a satisfying conclusion, and perfectly tying up all the loose ends. The book makes the most of its compelling premise, really delivering on the story, giving the characters a real sense of drive and purpose. Making it more than accessible to younger readers too, it’s the perfect story for fans of Zoella, and of the genre as a whole.

Two for Joy

Once again brought out through the Penguin imprint, this would arrive in 2021 on the 28th of October to much acclaim. The second book in the ‘Magpie Society’ series of Young Adult novels, this would directly carry on from the previous book before it. Again it’s also best that they’re read in order so as to fully understand the series and what’s taking place, with its ongoing narrative.

Looking to bring the one who killed their student friend Lola to justice, Ivy and Audrey are hoping to find peace of mind. They then discover that another friend has disappeared under suspicious circumstances though, with a mysterious card being left by the Magpie Society. Now Ivy and Audrey must take a deeper dive into the dark secrets lurking behind their school, as they find themselves in deadly game. Can they ever hope to find what they’re looking for, will they bring the killer to justice, and what will happen as they find themselves two for joy?

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