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Publication Order of Zom-B Books

The Zom-B series follows the young B. Smith, a student with an abusive bigot of a father, through changing times in an indifferent world. With twelve in the series, and a thirteenth book that explores a drama coinciding parallel to the main story, the Zom-B books probe many unexpected perspectives of a zombie outbreak. The first book was released in 2012, and the timeline for subsequent books was projected to be one book every three months. Written by Darren Shan, author of The Demonata series and The Saga of Darren Shan, the series keeps with the Sci Fi and Fantasy genre his readers are accustomed to. Shan lives with his wife and son in Limerick, Ireland. He was born in London, England. He finished, at the age of 17, his very first novel. After completing primary school, he attended Roehampton University in pursuit of a degree in Sociology and English. His story flows with the turbulence in a teen’s life, as they face hard choices and conflicting sentiments. This volatility makes for a complex and contoured reader experience from the first mention of zombies in the news to B.’s first face-to-face meeting with them, and every unexpected turn the story takes.

Shan’s contribution to the zombie wave, the Zom-B series offers an exciting new approach to the subject. The relationship between father and child, and how the child fares when tried by fire despite the parental shortcomings could stand as a book series by itself. Racism and violence are immense topics to address, and Shan features them both prominently as obstacles he presents his main character with. The series illustrates how one individual might overcome these real world pressures, and with the added threat marauding zombie hordes. The reader is dragged up and down along with B. as conflicting sentiments produce unexpected outcomes throughout the series. Watching as a young person’s decisions transform them into an independent, self-sufficient individual is both entertaining, as well as thought-invoking. The teen matures as the story progresses adding additional layers of complexity. The approach Shan has taken with this series thoughtfully includes a teen realizing who they are through adversity, with an entertaining presentation.

This first book in the series is appropriately titled Zom-B. It was first published in September 2012. It is here that our narrator and main character, B. Smith, is first introduced. Here the foundation is laid for the later books as we meet the personal and environmental influence B. as well as the personalities of the main character and the physically abusive and racist father. The story takes place in Ireland. At the first news of instances of zombies in Ireland, B.’s father dismisses the idea, but adds that the Irish can afford to lose a few of their own. In the atmosphere of racism around the father, though B. might not accept these ideas, The easiest path is the actionless one. Avoiding conflict, B. does not stand up for the subjects of the father’s contempt. When the zombie threat shows up at B.’s school, predispositions quickly become irrelevant. One makes allies wherever they are found. This is especially true when the threat is not one that could ever be reasoned with. Zombies are indiscriminate offenders, and demand an appropriate and like response. In this way, the zombie threat is a catalyzing force for change that demands adaptability, and fuels the momentum that keeps the plot line moving in a forward direction. In this book, the reader meets the cast, and witnesses B. stepping up in response to conflict. Zom B. delivers suspense and rewarding surprises through to its very end.

Book two in this series is Zom-B Underground. This release was first published in January 2013, Keeping with the proposed timeline of one book every three months. Reader’s of Zom-B catch up with B several months later with a new impression of who B. is. B. wakes up in an unfamiliar place. Where am I? What happened? Questions from B.’s silent inner monologue perhaps. With no recollection of the preceding month’s, our character pieces together enough of the missing time to become oriented with the new environment. Also from this, some imposing questions arise. B. has woken up in an underground military facility. This space is shared with unexpected company. Captively kept at the underground military facility are zombies. Keeping the zombies are teams of scientists. This presents even more questions for the narrative voice the story is following. After accepting and becoming acclimated to the new surroundings, B. comes to an important understanding. Question every one’s motives. What are the scientists doing here, and what is the military’s business with housing captive zombies? It is a lonely place to be where in the world you’re looking at, there are no people you can trust. Despite the isolation and dimly lit future, B. is still a youthful teenager. With this youthful spirit, is a powerful will. Life has just begun for this survivor, and death is not an option. After all, there are still nine or ten more books.

B. perseveres for the reader. The character that was fortified in battle, faced the zombie threat, and overcame the dark temptations that plagued them to make allies, and learn the hard lessons is a timeless character. B. is a relatable character that most readers will instantly be able to see themselves in. Not only are there zombies, and the suspenseful adventure that creeps around corners and deliver unexpected surprises, but also the powerful, modern, real world issues of violence and racism, and success despite hardship met with a head-long approach. These are the forces underlying the contours beneath the surface in this series. They are the fire boiling behind the steam that raises the questions B. answers as a teen’s choices create the individual and adult version of themselves. This is what a world with zombies looks like, as presented by Darren Shan in his series, Zom-B. The story does not move in a line, but ricochets every which way, just as life delivers. Be prepared for twists and turns if you choose to open these books. You will be surprised at least once or twice.

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