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January 2021: Books I Read Last Month

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Written by Graeme

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

December was an okay reading month for me. I discovered a fun new author and read some solid books. Also some odd books.

Here’s what I read in December 2020:

Bentley Little: I happened to “discover” Bentley by luck. I’ve heard of him of course however the horror genre I normally don’t read and some of the books he has written just don’t sound like something I am interested in.

I was looking something up though and stumbled upon the plot of The Store. One little paragraph was enough to hook me and I read it and loved it even though the dude is freaking messed up man. I enjoyed it enough to continue reading him and I read The Association next. Probably going to slowly work my way through all his books honestly. Really enjoying them thus far as messed up as he is.

Rob Hart – The Warehouse: A friend recommended this one to me and it was one of my top books of the year. Probably #2 behind Replay by Ken Grimwood. Just a phenomenal dystopian book about a company in the future that basically controls everything. The world building in this was just unreal. Loved this one.

Brandi Reeds – The Day I Disappeared: This one was a standalone thriller. It was okay. Enjoyable enough read. Not something I’d rush out to recommend or anything but I got my moneys worth.

Nick Pirog – 3am: This one I just had to shake my head at – no offense Nick. The concept of this sounded super cool and I was really into it – a dude that is awake for 1 hour per day and that’s it. But the direction the book took – where the dude has to solve a murder and the murderer appears to be the President of the United States? Not the type of thing I was expecting and I won’t read any more in that series.

Ruth Ware – The Death of Mrs. Westaway. Weakest book by Ruth I have read so far (out of 3). Just bland characters etc.

Ben Coes – The Last Refuge. Was in the need for a badass so I went with Dewey Andreas #3. I enjoy these books they are a lot of fun and even though they are slightly over the top (that jump over the balcony where Dewey turns around and shoots the bad guy – c’mon) Ben is a fantastic author and I really enjoy these books. I have a lot of fun reading them.

Julie Clark – The Last Flight: A thriller that has been very popular this last year and I can see why. Loved the concept and the story itself was excellent and very impressed. Will certainly read more books by Julie.

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