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November 2019: Books I Read Last Month

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Written by Graeme

Hi everyone,

Here’s a listing of the books I read last month and my thoughts on them.

Cabin At the End of the World by Paul Tremblay: This is one of those books that I’ve had on my “to read” list forever. I couldn’t remember much about it except that it was a highly recommended and award winning horror novel. After reading the Forward Collection and being introduced to Tremblay, I decided to give it a try. Um – yikes. That’s all I’ll say. This was a semifinalist in the best horror awards at Goodreads and I have no idea how it made it so far. It’s an EXCELLENT book up until one of the biggest non-endings I’ve ever read. Some books have non-endings that make you think etc but this was just one where you practically feel ripped off. Very disappointing. Book was solid enough and had me hooked up until the non-ending which was garbage.

Lethal Agent by Kyle Mills: The latest “Mitch Rapp” book by Kyle. He had already convinced me with all of his books so far that he was able to carry on this series, and this one cemented it. He was able to dive into the political world like Vince Flynn would do, get deep in it and just do an incredible job. Even better – I felt he did it without any political leanings or bias which is very important in this day and age. This was one of those books I couldn’t put down and it just consumed me. Probably the best book Kyle has written and I can’t give it enough compliments. Motivated me enough I may have to re-read the series for the fourth time.

Her Last Move by John Marrs: It was interesting reading this one considering how far John Marrs has evolved since then. He deals with crazy scenarios and futuristic thrillers these days to a degree while this was just your standard psychological thriller. It was decent enough. A fun story that played out well. There was a bit of a mystery/twist that came in at the end but wasn’t really that great. Solid enough but he’s written much better.

I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll: I’m a big fan of Teresa Driscoll and her standalone thrillers (although they have started taking place in the same universe) and I thought this was an excellent one. Very well done with a well done twist as well that I didn’t expect. If you’re looking for a good standalone thriller author, Teresa usually always delivers and that was the case again here.

A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly: While this was billed as a Harry Bosch novel, it felt more like a Terry McCaleb novel. And boy did it start slow. At about 30% of the book I was struggling to finish it. Luckily Bosch featured more after that and I was able to finish it. It ended up being an excellent book with a great ending and Connelly knows how to write inside a courtroom well so I’m looking forward to future books involving that. however this was very very tough to read to begin with.

City of Bones by Michael Connelly: That last book made me want more Bosch so I jumped right into the next one. This was an excellent one with a 12 year old boys bones discovered 20 years after the fact. Very well written although it didn’t have the “huge” twist ending that some Connelly books have.

Lost Light by Michael Connelly: Thoroughly enjoyed this one. So much. There’s something that happens early on involving a quadriplegic that is just great – gets you right into the book and rooting against certain people. Connelly is excellent.

Blue Moon by Lee Child: Ended the month reading this one. Not finished it yet only halfway through but absolutely loving it so far.

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