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Top 10 Mitch Rapp Books

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With the resurrection of the Mitch Rapp series of novels thanks to Kyle Mills, I thought now would be an excellent time to go through the Mitch Rapp series, re-read them and rank them in order.

I also felt that it would help me judge the Kyle Mills book more after I fully reacquaint myself with Mitch Rapp. It’s been 3 years since The Last Man came out and my memory of the series is a bit hazy. Note there WILL be plot spoilers.

#14: Protect and Defend:

I didn’t enjoy this book as much. I wish I could remember my original opinion of it but on a re-read it seemed rather forced. This is the book where Irene Kennedy gets captured and while it should be a book that is great reading and seeing Rapp out for revenge – I think it came a little too soon after he did the same for Anna. I found myself struggling to finish the book. I also think there was a case of “too many cooks” on Irans side. The pacing also seemed really off and the final act was rushed incredibly.

#13: Separation of Power:

The third in the Mitch Rapp series, this was a much slower novel. It was a continuance from the previous book and the players involved there – like Senator Hank Clark, as well as Irene Kennedy replacing Stansfield as director of the CIA.

The book had it’s moments though with some great action, and an explosive ending that would change the scope of the series entirely. It’s important for the series as it had some strong character building. Taken separately as a standalone novel – it’d be no good.

#12: Pursuit of Honor:

I really loved this one in that it was basically the 2nd part – following Extreme Measures. It was like a two part series as it followed the attacks that occurred in Extreme Measures and the bad guys were still at large.

It really suffered come the ending though. It just felt like it really fizzled out after what was a great story and that left me disappointed.

#11: American Assassin:

The origin of Mitch Rapp and a story Vince Flynn wanted to tell for a long time. While I really enjoyed it the first time I read it – on a re-read it just wasn’t as good. The ending too was extremely weak I felt as well as it – much like Pursuit of Honor – fizzled out. Just as it was getting to the climax – book over. Pity as everything leading up to it was TREMENDOUS.

#10: Executive Power:

This was an interesting one to read because it was the first Mitch Rapp book penned after September 11th, 2001 and the World Trade Centre attacks so it was interesting to see how they were incorporated into this fiction series. It had a really cool protagonist in David, the Palestinian and it was cool reading about him for a change. A very solid book that did a good job of working 9/11 into it while not being done in an overbearing fashion. There was a lot less Rapp in this book which isn’t always a bad thing. Pity David was killed off as I felt he could have held up well in another novel pitting him against Rapp.

#9: Extreme Measures

This is an interesting one because – pardon the pun – it goes to the EXTREME when it comes to black and white. The one before it – Protect and Defend – had some real shades of gray to it and Flynn went out here to paint some REALLY bad guy terrorists as well as some absolutely bloody evil politicians.

While he really hammers it home I still enjoyed it – I found my blood boiling at a lot of it and that’s clearly what Vince was going for. It was also good to actually see the terrorists pull off their plot for once. A nice change of pace and a solid book.

#8: Act of Treason

A great one in that it shows how Vince Flynn can write a POLITICAL thriller. A lot less action – even the action scenes were very limited – but Flynn writes the battle of politics so well and makes Mark Ross and Stu Garrett absolutely pure evil. And of course the Irene scene at the end is so incredibly well written. Very solid book and one that I really like because Vince shakes everything up for future books.

#7: The Survivor

The first novel written after Vince Flynn passed away and Kyle Mills took over.

I really, really enjoyed this book. The story was excellent and it did a great job in wrapping up some loose ends left from the previous book. It was basically a continuation of that and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I believe Vince Flynn had started writing the book and had an outline – so it’s tough to say how much of an influence Mills had. I did notice a change in the writing for sure but it wasn’t huge. I also felt the action scenes weren’t as good as Flynn could write but were still solid.

It was also more action than usual and it felt like multiple books in one almost. Fast paced – it was a very, very good book and I highly recommend reading it if you were on the fence after Flynn passed away.

#6: Kill Shot

A follow up to American Assassin and the second in the chronological order of the Mitch Rapp series. This is a tremendous book where everything brewing from the first novel really comes to a head. Some excellent action too with a very satisfying ending.

#5: The Third Option

A very solid story where Rapp is set up – and he thinks that it was possibly Irene Kennedy and Thomas Stansfield that did it. Rapp out for revenge on a personal level is always excellent and this was a very satisfying story. Bringing Scott Coleman back was a great sign too, and this one gets a lot of thumbs up.

#4: The Last Man

It’s fitting that Vince Flynns last Mitch Rapp book was this high up in the list. After 2 trips to the origins of Rapp, Vince Flynn comes back with this AMAZING book. What makes me sad is reading this there were so many new elements to the story – mystery and twists for example. These type of things Flynn never had in his previous books and it’s sad to think that just as he was truly growing as an author he would pass away.

#3: Transfer of Power

I must admit I’m surprised that the first Mitch Rapp book, Transfer of Power is not #1. It’s such an incredible, incredible book. The politics are kept to a minimum while also fueling the story in a strong way, and the scene with Mitch saving Anna is probably my favourite book scene of the entire series, and one of the best of all time.

An absolutely incredible way to start the series.

#2: Memorial Day

Since re-reading all the books – this was the one that stopped my daily life. By that I mean I started it one morning and I basically stopped doing everything. My work, other entertainment – it all went out the window. Hell I didn’t even take the time to make lunch – I ordered food in from a delivery service!

Memorial Day is the epic story of Mitch Rapp battling against terrorists who are planning to blow up Washington with a nuclear bomb on Memorial Day. It’s an absolute epic tale from start to finish. And it was a nice refresher having Anna on vacation for the whole book – it was a good change from the last few and I think probably cemented Vinces decision to finally kill her off in the future.

What a freaking story. The type of book that could be taken word for word and would be the most epic action movie ever made.

#1: Consent To Kill

When it comes to general action nothing beats Memorial Day – but Consent to Kill is just such an amazing story. Such great buildup. The death of Anna Reilly which changes the stories of the books forever. Mitch out for revenge. Just taking out one after the other. The scene at the safehouse. And excellent protagonists both on the assassin side, and the political side. I actually found myself feeling sort of sorry for Abel. It also showed the real emotional side of Mitch. This book is an absolute masterpiece.

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10 Responses to “Top 10 Mitch Rapp Books”

  1. renegade313: 3 years ago

    Audible brings Rapp to life. Soooo many thanks Kyle for taking on the task, Flynn is smiling for sure….

  2. misterkel: 8 years ago

    Tried to read some Flynn – can’t remember which. Got bored by the terrorist nonsense. Lame.

  3. Geetha Pradeep: 8 years ago

    I first read the Last Man and became a huge fan of Vince Flynn and Mitch Rapp too. Then I read Consent to Kill, everytime I had to close the book, I will be waiting to open and continue from where I left!!! It is a thrilling book to read

    • Oswaldo Reyes: 8 years ago

      Hi, Geetha Pradeep. I am a huge fan of the Mitch Rapp series myself.I am also an avid reader and book collector.I have read the entire series already and i am just waitung for the new releases by Kyle Mills to continue the series.He is doing a great job,with the series by the way.I wanted to share with you that this is probably the best series ever written.If you have not read the rest of the series ,you are in for a treat of a read.Try to read the series in order .That is the best way to enjoy it.

      • Geetha Pradeep: 8 years ago

        Thanks Oswaldo.. I am definitely planning to read all of them..

        • Oswaldo Reyes: 8 years ago

          Hi, Geetha Pradeep.
          I am very happy that you have decided to continue to read the entire Mitch Rapp series. I a sure you that this will probably the best book series that you have read in a long time.

  4. Ryan The Rappologist: 9 years ago

    Have you read The Survivor, the latest Mich Rapp novel by Kyle Mills yet? I’m curious to see where you’ll rank it I was skeptic of The Survivor at first, but ended up putting it in my top three after being blown away!

    I can’t wait to continue reading as you update, thanks!

    • Graeme: 9 years ago

      Hi Ryan,

      I have not read it yet. I’m re-reading all these in preparation for the Survivor. Glad to hear you thought that – it’s killing me re-reading all these knowing the new one is out there but it’s been nice reacquainting myself with the Rapp character.

      Unfortunately no way to get updates when I update – but check back every 2-3 days as that’s my average for reading. Awesome site you’ve got there I’ve bookmarked it and will be going through it soon.

      • Oswaldo Reyes: 9 years ago

        This book series is totally awesome from book #1 til the last book. You are in for a treat. Please don’t miss out on this fantastic book series. Start with book numero uno today.

    • Oswaldo Reyes: 9 years ago

      I’m an avid reader and book collector. I am also a Mitch Rapp fan. I have all his books and after reading survivor, which i think is an excellent way to continue the Mitch Rapp series. Kyle Mills did a superb job. I am so happy Mitch Rapp is back. I would really like to look into joining your Mitch Rapp fan club.


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