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Books I Read In November / December 2014

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Holy crap have I had some bad reading experiences lately.

Just in terms of time, more than anything, I haven’t read anywhere near as much as I should. That’s why I skipped November – I just did not read enough to warrant a full blog post.

Sadly, December is not much better.

The problem was I read the Sam Capra series of books. That series of books is the type of book I love – the “lone wolf” sort of guy, like a Mitch Rapp or a Jack Reacher.

Unfortunately these were SO GOOD that it was hard to read anything else. What made it worse is I went back to read another “Lone wolf” type book and it was pretty darn bad. Then I switched to a different author and again it was bad. Ugh. So they took awhile to get through.

Those two books were:

Ballistic: The 3rd book in the Court Gentry series by Mark Greaney. This one took place in Mexico and UGH – I just couldn’t really get into it at all. It might have been because the Sam Capra one was so awesome. I should note I’m reading the next one in the series now(Dead Eye) and liking it a lot better so I think this was just an off book.

For Valour: Andy McNabs latest book in the Nick Stone series and EASILY the worst in the series. Oh man was it ever bad. Seriously. The whole book was just Nick travelling from city to city, meeting new people etc. Holy crap it was just so dry and boring and it took me most of December to read as I just couldn’t read it at all. So bloody dumb. Thankfully that is only the 2nd book in the Stone series that I’ve not liked, so it’s the exception to the rule.

Other than that, I’ve read:

A Game of Thrones: Well – sort of. I read the first 10% of the book and was thoroughly confused as it just jumped from character to character and didn’t flow at all. I mean it doesn’t even introduce you to the setting or anything – it just throws you into it.

This isn’t my type of book anyway. I’m going to try and watch the television show at one point, get used to the characters then possibly go back to this series of books.

Sharp Objects: I’d already read Dark Places and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, so Sharp Objects was up next. Flynn is an incredible writer and it’s amazing that this was her debut. You get sucked right into the story and the setting so well, and the way she describes things is just amazing. It was a captivating story that was very bold for a first novel. Incredible book, and Flynn is easily on my “must buy” list when it comes to new books.

And yeah – that’s all I bloody read over the last 2 months. Very surprising but I just ran out of time. It also didn’t help that I got into a couple of TV shows(Brooklyn Nine Nine and Homeland) and a lot of my spare time was focused on them. Oh, plus video games(Sunset Overdrive and Far Cry 4) and on top of that…meh, just all excuses.

I’ll read more this year.

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