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February 2024: Books I Read Last Month

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Written by Graeme

January was okay reading wise for me. I didn’t have a ton of time as still very, very busy on Book Notification It is what it is. It’s a lot of hard work but man do I enjoy it.

The Stranger In My Bed by Karen King: A standalone thriller by King. Not the last book I’ll read by her. The story is that a husband is abusive to his wife of two years. He leaves the house after a fight, only to get in a car crash and forget the entire marriage. But that’s not all he has forgotten – he has forgotten various secrets such as an affair he had. The wife meanwhile, thinks that maybe they can give it a go again.

Solid book. Quite a few twists I didn’t see coming and was impressed with.

Chaos Rising by Kyla Stone: Prequel novella in the Edge of Collapse series. EMP attack wipes out power etc in the USA. This was a great introduction to the series. I’m a big fan of A. American’s Survivalist series. This is obviously similar although a big difference is this one is more action-thriller. Still really enjoyed it.

Edge of Collapse by Kyla Stone: The first book in the series following the prequel. It follows a girl who has been held captive for years by a man. A lot of action, a few times where you have to suspend belief etc – but that’s fine. That’s the way it is with a lot of books. Enjoyed it, overall and will read more in the series for sure.

Life Sentence by David Ellis: I’m listening to this one. Really enjoying it so far. I have an hour left. It’s your standard “something happened 19 years ago that is coming back to haunt people today” type book but the characters are solid, the story intriguing, and excellent narration. I’m just hoping for one big twist or two to really push the book over the top.

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