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June 2024: Books I Read Last Month

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Written by Graeme

Hi everyone,

May was a fairly solid reading month for me. Not sure how June will go – I’m traveling a fair bit in June. Sometimes that means a lot of reading, sometimes not a lot. Either way, I’ll have my Kindle and shokz headphones for audiobooks on me 24/7.

Resurrection Walk by Michael Connelly: The latest Lincoln Lawyer novel, and the 41st novel in the “Bosch Universe”. The usual great stuff from Connelly. If you haven’t read any of his books, do so and read the Bosch Universe in its entirety.

She Rides Shotgun by Jordan Harper: A superb book about a dad who is released from prison, and has to take his daughter away as a notorious gang are looking to kill her due to something Jordan did in prison. First book I have read by Jordan and not the last – some incredible writing.

Home Is Where The Bodies Are by Jeneva Rose: I mean I primarily started reading this due to it having the BEST COVER EVER. Look at this:

This was a fantastic thriller and I’ll be reading more by Jeneva.

One Perfect Couple by Ruth Ware: Quite disappointed in this one actually. The premise was great: 4 couples as part of a reality show go to a deserted island, where they end up stranded. Alas, not a good book. It just felt like it was more geared towards young adults, and it felt rushed. I’m a big fan of Ruth but this was not one I liked.

The Ritual by Adam Nevill: Read this as part of my Book-To-Movie Adaptation Book Club that I run. The book was excellent. I don’t read a lot of horror but this was very well done. Highly recommended. Adaptation was pretty weak.

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk: I’d seen the movie of course and loved it and I wasn’t sure the book could hold up. Part of the Adaptation Book Club. Wow was I wrong – the book was so much better than the movie. The writing style was incredible. I’ve only read one book by Chuck before, but am plannign on reading a lot more for sure.

Woman Last Seen / Both of You by Adele Parks: Listened to this one. It was alright. It had a plot twist that blew me away and I loved it. The problem was it felt like there was a lot of filler to it. I may not have noticed it if I was reading it but listening to it I definitely did.

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