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10 Books I Plan On Reading On Vacation

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I have a weird tradition when I am going on vacation when it comes to books.

I either like to start completely new authors while on vacation, or discover new authors prior to vacation that are “can’t put down” books then read them on the trip.

For example – new authors. I tried out Divergent by Veronica Roth when I was last in Mexico and I loved it. So it’s pretty awesome as now whenever I think of that book I immediately think of when I first started reading the series. Things like that are really cool to relate books to – remembering the book and the beach. For example – whenever I think of the book The Firm by John Grisham – I always think of chips and curry sauce to eat because I ate that for lunch and dinner the day I read that book.

Then new authors I read prior to the trip. For example – I started reading Harlan Coben prior to a recent trip down to America. So I immediately stopped reading him till the trip. And you know what? The flights and the layovers just flew by as I was engrossed in the Coben books.

I’m off on vacation this Saturday to St Lucia so I’ve got a bunch of books on my Kindle I am ready to read – new authors to try, and ones I just recently tried. I’m not sure how many of these I’ll actually read – but these are my plans anyway:

1: Sharp Objects: With Gone Girl released in the theatres, I read that and really enjoyed it. I went back and read Dark Places also by Gillian Flynn. I’ve really enjoyed both books by Gillian, and I’m looking forward to reading Sharp Objects.

2: The Gray Man: This is the series by Mark Greaney. This is the stuff I’ll be reading on the plane. I read the first one and the second one and it’s all I can do not to read Ballistic, the 3rd one. These are books that just hook you and you rush through them. Can’t wait.

3: David Trevellyan: The series written by Andrew Grant, Lee Childs brother. I’ve read the first one Even and there is two more in the series. It’s not the greatest stuff – but it’s nice and easy to read, and perfect books to pick up and read for a few chapters then put down which is good for vacation.

4: For Valour: The latest book in the Nick Stone series, a series I love. No joke – I time my vacations around books coming out that I like. I fly back the Saturday, this comes out the Thursday. So this will be my choice of book when flying back.

Okay that’s it for authors I have read. Here’s new authors, books or series I’ll be trying out:

5: Jericho Quinn: The Quinn series written by Marc Cameron is one I’ve had recommended to me a lot of times. I’ll be reading that.

6: Sam Capra: Another series recommended to me. From reading the synopsis of the first book it starts off well. I’ll be going with that.

7: John Wells: This series by Alex Berenseon is meant to be awesome. I’ve had The Faithful Spy on my list for years. Maybe this is the time I’ll actually read it.

8: Switchback: By the author Matthew Klein. I found him while researching authors who are like Harlan Coben. Hopefully it will be a page turner.

9: Detour: By James Seigel. Similar to above.

10: Autobiographies: While on vacation I think a good thing to have is some autobiographies to read, and I’ve got Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keanes new ones. After a few beers you don’t want to get into a story – so this is a good choice to have.

Whew – that’s it although honestly my “To Try Out” section on my kIndle has around 80 books so who knows if I’ll stick to all these. Plus who knows how much reading I’ll do.

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4 Responses to “10 Books I Plan On Reading On Vacation”

  1. Jeff: 1 year ago

    Any kind of crime fiction list should include the writer that all writers read …
    James Lee Burke

  2. Steven: 2 years ago

    The Charlie Muffin series by Brian Freemantle is brilliant. Also the bricklayer books by Noah Boyd – died before he could really get going .

  3. George: 3 years ago

    My advise is to read John wells by Alex Berenseon
    very awesome series…. my wife enjoyed them as well!!

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Yes that is one of my favourite series 🙂


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