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February 2016: Books I’ve Read Recently

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Sorry for not writing many blogs lately covering what I’ve read.

The last one I wrote actually was back in July. Yikes.

Although in saying that – I DID write the Top 10 Mitch Rapp Books. For that article I went back and re-read EVERY Mitch Rapp novel I had actually read.

That was fun. However that was my 3rd read through of the series and I decided at that point that I had to start trying some new authors. I mean since running this site I’ve discovered so many new authors and compiled a list of so many new books to read that eventually it’s like right – really have to get cracking on some new books.

So over the last little while I’ve been trying to do that. Here’s what I read:

Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger: I’ll have to get her listed on here – will do that over the next few weeks. This was the story of a girl who makes a decision – and then because of that decision her face is in the newspaper and suddenly her whole life changes when a mysterious package shows up at her door stating that her parents aren’t her real parents. This was a pretty damn thrilling book. It sort of fizzled out near the end unfortunately but the rest of it was tremendous. There’s a sequel to it too so that’s cool.

Panic by Jeff Abbott: I’d read Abbotts Sam Capra series of books so I decided to give this standalone novel a whirl. I was very happy with it. It was a very solid mystery book. Some of it felt a bit off – like the main character didn’t seem like much of a badass yet he did some real badass style things – but overall it was a good book. An above average thriller.

The First Order by Jeff Abbott: The latest book in the Sam Capra series of novels. Eh – that’s all I’ll say. It was good and all and I enjoyed it to a degree – but it wasn’t anything close to the quality of the first few Sam Capra novels. Honestly for someone who reads fast – it took me about 3 weeks to read this as I just couldn’t be bothered. Not bad just average.

You’re Next by Gregg Hurwitz: Another author I need to add here. Starts off extremely well – a kid abandoned by his father in a school yard due to mysterious circumstances who grows up in foster care. This was a really solid book and I will be reading more Hurwitz in the coming months.

What did you read recently?

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